Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Fully Utilize Banking Facilities (Serie 1 - Car Loan Reschedule)

Nowadays, with life expenses soared and skyrocketting days after days, many of us think of how to reduce the debts and increase our cash flow.., surely. There are many ways to work on it.. The principle is, managing the debts commitment and in the same time able to maximise saving. Rescheduling car repayment period is one of the option. But this is applicable to those who doesn't have an intention to sell and upgrade their car to new one. Example.., one guy had a 3 yrs old hire purchase loan with a full settlement value of 58k. He signed up that HP loan which needed him to repay RM1400 per month with an interest of 3% per annum for a period of 7 years. He planned to reschedule it to increase his cash flow. The bank offered him to prolong another 3 yrs with the same interest rate. He pays RM840 per month and save RM560 a month by doing so.
Now, lets do some calculation. If he maintain current HP agreement and pays RM1400 per month for another 4 yrs (48 months), it will cost him RM66672 to finish the repayment at the end of the tenure. If he rescheduled and pays RM840 per month for another 7 yrs (84 months), he needs to repay RM70560 to finish the repayment at the end of the tenure, which means will cost him about RM3888. And if he save the balance of RM560 in unit trust (ASB for instance) which he made from rescheduling and considering 48 months to finish the payment if he maintained current HP agreement, he will save a whopping RM26880. In reality, the reschedule option will cost him RM3888 but instead he will manage to save RM26880. Good option isn't..?

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Milan and Bergamo, Italy, 1-3 August 2008

A great tour at Milana and Bergamo. Milan is the city of fashion designers, on par with Paris, Madrid, NY and London. You can find almost everything with regards to fashion, from Chanel, DKNY, CK, Guess etc etc.. Just prepare a money and you are in heaven... :)
For us, the only thing that we can afford is sight seeing.. Low budget.. Hey.. who cares, anyway, we applied smart traveler during this trip. We are able to book a flight for below 100 pound for a return of 2 departing from Liverpool. And we are able to book a 4 star Best Western hotel chain for below 150 euros consisted of 2 night stay.. Smile... Once in a life time experience.. ;-)
For just 28 euro, you are able to explore all important 'must visit' attraction sight at Milan.. named Museo di Stora Naturale, Piazza Fontana, Torre Velasca, Piazza D' Uomo ---> This is the highlight mates... Teatro Alla Scala, Castello Sforzesco ---> Another piece of highlight, S Ambrogio and Piazza Vetra.. and many more...

Trip to Bergamo is another breath taking experience.. Bergamo filled with so many fine architectures which can be seen at their buildings surrounding its town. Bergamo is just a 10 minutes bus ride from Oreo Del Serio International Airport, one of 3 international airport at Milan proximity..

Pizza, the famous Italian delicacies around the world.

The best way to explore Milan is to fly in via Ryan Air from any point of its hub.. Find a good deal online..