Sunday, 11 May 2008

Tanjung Balau Family Gathering

This is a long long waited gathering which we have been talking for almost 4 years, with loads of places listed from Sibu Island to Cherating, but at last we settled with humbled Balau Bay Resort Desaru.


Everybody assembled at Mc Donalds Bandar Putra with Fauzi Khalid's families was a first family to arrived.. Followed by me, Ali, Mansor and families, Noh and families, Reza, his fiancee and Azila. We convoyed towards Desaru and picked Ayup at Bandar Tenggara junction. We drove for about 1 hr and 15mins and drop by at Sg Mas RnR nearby to Desaru junction for a simple lunch.. Zairi and families as well as Fairul and families joint the crowd shortly after that. After a heavy lunch for Pak Ali (hehe), we continued to the resort to check in. The resort was quite OK, a lil bit secluded from Desaru, but still fine with basic beach resort facilities likes swimming pool, wading pool, simple but tidy room.

We checked in, let the kids settled down, took a quick nap for a few minutes, then start uploading BBQ stuff to the beach front. Fauzi K was amazing leader when it comes to foods.. The drumsticks and wings looked tempted with his special made marinated herbs, just made us can't wait.. The hardest part was to start burnt the charcoal.. With a great team work, we are able to get it done in less than 20 minutes... We begin the BBQ, with great setting - beach in front of us and very nice weather.. While waiting the BBQ, kids was enjoying themselves at beach and wading pool..

First person to enjoy succulent BBQ drumstick --> as usual our kheng!, Pak Ali.. Thumbs up for the great chicken wings and drumstick.. everybody had an enough portion each. Accopanied with black pepper sausages and tangy carbonated drinks.. Great job Fauzi K.. We... automatically, gave a consent for him to be a leader for BBQ preparation next time.. :-)

Ashar and families arrived on time while we are enjoying our BBQ session. Right after a good BBQ, we had a beach soccer match.. Slow tempo, but as per normal, few kaki cannot tahan to kick the ball with full strength.. Dang..!! Pak Ali, as usual, with his wide body range and 'menggrudul' characters, been a good defender.. Ashar injured his toe after hitted by Ayup..

6 pm sharp, we headed to swimming pool.. Sad.. the resort management decided to do maintenance at that time.. but who cares, Fauzi K and Ali just can't resist the temptation to terjun dugong neglecting the sign of 'closed pool' followed by the rest until got chased out by the resort worker.. The terjun tiruk session continued at the other part of the pool.. :-)

At night, we are heading to Sg Rengit about 30 minutes drive for a seafood dinner.. Pak Ali was blabbering along the way, complaining the place was too far.. huh..

It was when we arrived at Jade Seafood Restaurant, Pak Ali, Ashar and Noh looked confused.. hehe.. with tanglung and Buddha statue in the restaurant untill someone from the restaurant gave an assurance that the place was halal and showed a numbers of celebrities, famous and famed faces photos who had came and enjoyed the food there..

Well, we divided into 3 groups. First and second table ordered, seabass with nyonya spicy sauce, fried oat prawns, chili crab with scrumptuos montow, braised home made tofu, sotong goreng tepung, spicy kangkung belacan and a jug of tangy lime juice. Third table ordered less than both table.. While waiting the dishes, kids were enjoying live lobster in aquarium.. All dishes came within a space of less than 20 minutes.. And all of us enjoyed everything with full satisfaction...

The seafood was fresh from the catch.. Amazingly, everything cost each table max RM184.. cheap..

We headed back to the resort at 1030pm.. Supposed to have a teh tarik session but everybody just can't stand with heavy dinner and good BBQ. Continued with poker session at Reza/ Ayup's room with Noh as kepala.. Heard few occasion where everybody can't resist to laugh and make fun of adrenaline pack of Pak Ali.. one of them was JQ Kheng.. no need to explain much.. The rest should know.. ;-)

We all slept at 3am..


We had bfast at 8am.. Most of us woke up late as Saturday aftnn activities made everybody tired...

Then, followed by individual free and easy session, like lazying at swimming pool's gazebo, until check out.. Good and successfull event, thanks to everybody who made this event happening.. Special thanks to Fauzi K, Zairi and Ayup and the rest of participants..

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Hi there.. I'm Wan.. I happened to stumble at your blog while searching for halal seafood restaurant in desaru area.. Can you email me the address for the Jade Seafood Restaurant as I'm going to be i desaru in march.. my email address is Thank you.