Saturday, 7 June 2008

Pump Price Goes Up

Another bomb shell dropped by Abdullah administration.. A whopping 78 cent increase in fuel prices.. My goodness!! I am one of millions Malaysian who shocked, angry, piss off, cursing government for a steep incremental of pump price.. I am not defending myself as an excuse to suck government subsidy or as an excuse to deny what always been touted by corridor of power, Malaysian can't be always in circle of comfort zone.. Damning statement..
OK, simple as this.. Malaysian not stupid or brainless to think... Just make it gradually increase..!!! Simple... The reason is, off course, not only fuel price, but people are more concern of spiral effects as a result of steep pump price increase.. Consumer goods, transportation cost, vehicle maintenance, services are all expected to go up. Only stupid creatures will say and guarantee, there is no price hike. Obviously all this will lead to highest ever inflation.. That’s direct impact.. As far as indirect impact is concerned..., investors might think that Malaysia is not a good country to invest or expand their businesses anymore, especially manufacturing sectors. With high cost in fuels and electricity, raw materials cost will increase too, and no more competitiveness..
We cant compare with Thailand or Indonesia because they are not an oil exporter countries. We are... And please please... do not compare with Spore... or even UK..
This is because, their income is higher than us. Per capita income of course.. Or in laymen term, what they earned, can buy hundreds times more than what we are in Malaysia.. Or example like this.. Fresh grad in Malaysia earned RM2.5k, in Spore SGD2.5k, in UK, GBP2.5k. Some of the price comparison to open everybody’s eye;
1. In Malaysia
>> Petrol - RM2.72 per liter
>> A loaf of bread - RM2.10
>> 1 liter fresh milk - RM4.50

2. In Spore
>> Petrol - SGD2.2 per liter
>> A loaf of bread - SG0.90
>> 1 liter fresh milk - SGD1.8

3. In UK????
>> Petrol - GBP0.97
>> A loaf of bread - GBP0.40
>> 1 liter of fresh milk - GBP0.60

That was a simple comparison... See how powerful their purchasing power compared to Malaysian..
OK, now I talk a bit about the compensation or refund or channel back the subsidy to rakyat..???
RM625 a year for car owners of 2 liter and below.. Is that enough...?? Far cry from enough... Malaysian spent 25kkm in average a year. That translated into 2500 liters a year. 78 cent increment means RM1950 additional cost per annum.. Far far far cry from 625 per annum.. + 200 rebate of road tax, still 825.. and it’s not enough.. How about domino effect likes consumer good price increase and other services which definitely will increase too.. Government warned business people folks not to increase the price..? How dare..? Again, only stupid creatures will say that.. Are they in business for the sake of doing national services..? Selling things without profit.. Come on... Use brain when talk and provide facts...
All in all, it was not a wise move...

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