Thursday, 5 February 2009

The Accident

The black 28 Jan 2009
I was on my way back to JB from KL via ELITE highway nearby NSE intersection. It was heavy rain, and I drove fairly slow.. 90km/h. Bad luck and Al Mighty's faith. At km 44, suddenly my car was skidded and bumped to right divider, turned 540 degree, banged 3 angle of my car. The front left side was the worst hitted. But thank God, my life was spared, my kids not with me.. And God giving me a lifeline to keep breathing... I was lucky there was no lorry or bus as it might hit me. The same spot, post 10 minutes after mine was wrecked, another brand new Benz was skidded and crashed. Pondering me to re-think...........

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