Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Been a while not updating my blog.. :) too busy with all sort of 2011 planning.. Being in the ocean of corporate world, it needs a courage to keep going.. Anyway, gonna say something about one person which was instrumental in the success of my unit these few years. Not a day light all the time indeed, a sudden change in organization's objective made him move to the new challenge. As a result.. a change management event happened. The aftermath..., speculations, notorious -ve perceptions and strucked the morale to its lowest.. As a superior, I put my points very straight forward but yet, subtle.. Positive, keep move ahead, run out from the deepest side of change management haywire, push away all sort of negative input and blast, discharge all circle of concerns and build up an inner belief.., flexibility will pays and pave for betterment... Good luck dude...

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