Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Property.. Buy Buy Buy... Is it a Sure Sound Investment??

I love property investment.. And I can spend the whole teh tarik session just to talk about property investment rather than a cocky topic about sex scandal, politic and a mere talk cock.. Been residing in KL for almost 2 years and I did a simple study on how nifty the profits been made with selective strategic properties. In mid 2009, 3 properties came into my frame of mine after a thorough analysis namely Midfields by YTL at Sg Besi, The Endah Promenade by PJ Development at Sri Petaling and The Zest by Trinity Group at Kinrara. All are high end condo/ service apartment. The Midfields started with RM280k for a 1000+ sqft and now selling at RM400k plus. Endah Promenade with 3 rooms and size around 1000sqft started at RM246k and now selling at RM400k plus as well.. The Zest was a clear winner, at BK9 of Kinrara, selling at RM240k (at RM220 psqft) for 1200+sqft built up area unit, and now shoot at around RM440k+ for the same unit.. A nifty 100%++ appreciation. I must say, I am scratching my head now in dissapointment. Hahaha... The lesson.., if we intend to be a serious investor, belief is a key words, have a strong and handsome holding power, and once you think you wanna go after an analysis, have a courage to take a sound risk after considering affordability and pray for a nifty outcome.. Wish for a good luck 2011 year at my side... Amiiin...

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Akagi Shigeru said...

Fauzi :
Too bad you missed the chance. I missed the Midfields too. I am more to share/stock investment than property investment. 2 reason 1st property is illiquid 2nd I just don't like the leverage game, or shall I say I don't have the ball to leverage. Now I admit I had a huge misunderstanding about property investment. Just like stocks, there is good property and bad property. In time bubble, there is always a chance to profit from from it. Agree ? Do visit my blog just to share my 2 cents www.sgbuaya.blogspot.com ... Happy Tradinga