Saturday, 26 April 2008

Circle of Friends - HP Office Mate

This is another my great circle of friends. From right, Pak Ali, used to be my relative.. Husband to my cousin. Surprisingly, I never know this fellar till his second week after joining HP.. What a bad urbane life nowadays.. Never keep in touch with relatives... :-( The second from right was Ayup, a plain bachelor who very determined.. But wait not determined to improvised but instead to craft a big hole in his pocket, dreaming for ah beng Perdana Turbo and keep nagging to get a personal loan.. Poor guy.. hahahaha (Jgn marah Ayup), followed by me, then Ashar (Left HP for greener pasteur at Seagate - Good Luck to you Ashar), Zairi, another my close 'talk cock' friend.. This guy was a real savvy, Hj Bakhil last time before he hooked at Toyota Wish recently after joining one of financial program. His Wira I can consider as reban ayam, with all sort of rattling noise came out from every angle and aircond which blasted your face with hot succulent air.. hahahahaha... Amran, my neigbourhood. Another guy with entrepeneur spirit. Owned and run a tuition center at night for fun (This is at least what he mentioned to me). Ali Buang, the most serious face on earth.. (Do you have a problem Ali..??? Are you problems still not solved..??? hehehehehehe)... And the last one Fauzi Khalid.. Happy go lucky guy.. His biggest project ever will blow Malaysian economy you know... hehehehehe...

This is my boss. Used to be my closest friend since I joint HP. The only sole survivor from HPM's first batch.. Can't say too much because he was my boss... hehehehehehe.. Anyway, kind of very detailed guy... That's all I can say.. hehehe

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