Thursday, 24 April 2008


Savings. When you hear that word, do you feel a clutching sense of guilt and inadequacy? If somebody told you that 75% of 100 respondents interviewed said they knew that their savings, specifically for retirement, were insufficient, do you believe it? That’s shocking, but not as remarkable as their discovery that how much you save has very little to do with how rich you are. But hooooow, you whine? How can you save a cent when you just barely live on what you earn? Well, since this is a question, so.., this is its answer : Saving is a two-step process. First you retrain your brain, and then you find all kinds of clever ways to live on less Step 1: Retrain your brain.. Saving money is a state of mind. Before you can start, you have to renounce the spending...., and stop believing you actually need all the stuff you’ve been spending money on. Just don’t. Spend, that is. Sure you want it, but that’s no excuse for buying it. The next time you want to buy something, take the 50 bugs or 100 bugs out of your wallet, and stash it somewhere. See? That's second step already.. and that’s called saving. You don’t end up with stuff; you end up with MONEY..

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