Saturday, 26 April 2008

Too Much Politicking..

Politics - I hate this word... But like it or not, we have to live with it.. Honestly, I am not too sure if there are still genuine politicians out there who devoted their life in politics for the sake of people, race and religion. To me, genuine politicians are those borned in post world war 2, politicians who fought hard for Malaya independence, Tun Sambanthan, HS Lee, Tuanku Abd Rahman. And after post independence, the leader like Tun Razak to named a few. People indulged in politics nowadays with hidden agenda, for money and fame.. Anyway, that is the reality of modern politics... Not only in Malaysia, our neighbours and around the globe as well. But..., the sad thing was, unfortunately, we as Malay, playing politics around too much..., opps, I mean Malay politician. Post PRU 12 was a slice of proof. Bickering, finger pointing, backstabbing.. Yes, they are very much concerned about the only asset we had in this beloved country was political power... But.... Looked back what our leaders has done to us Malay..? Mindset changed..? Nope. Wealth equality..? Far from achieved. Produced more professionals among Malays..?? Yes, in certain extent but not at great numbers compared to what it suppose to be. We are still lacking.. Still under par compare to our fellow friends -Malaysian Chinese.. To me the only thing need to change.. really change are mindset of Malay folks and mindset of our politicians. Mindset of Malay folks in the sense of hard work, commitment to jobs no matter what profesion they are.. start accumulating wealth and to politicians, only one, serve with fully hearted..

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